Nightingale Lodge, a the retirement living development in Pershore and the Holy Redeemer Catholic School held a colourful costumed poetry afternoon and together recited a poem by A.A. Milne called The Kings Breakfast.

It was part of a Poetry Together idea conceived by Giles Brandreth, and supported by The Duchess of Cornwall. The Nationwide initiative is to bring school children and retired people together through sharing poetry.

Paul Follows, lodge manager heard of the idea and made enquiries about it. Their choir already sings at Nightingale Lodge prior to Christmas so when he contacted them and explained the idea, they rapidly agreed.

“It was a fun thing to do, the craft group even made costumes for the event, as did the school children” said Paul.

“Apart from reciting the poem together, some of the children recited a few other poems which prompted some of the owners to do the same.

“To see the children listening to the oldest owner reciting a Lancashire Monologue was a joy to see.”