Mid-Worcestershire Liberal Democrats have endorsed Margaret Rowley as their parliamentary election candidate pledged to fight stop Brexit.

Margaret has lived in Tibberton, near Droitwich Spa, for 30 years and until recently worked for the NHS in Worcestershire.

Q) The Trussell Trust says the minimum five week wait for Universal Credit – either without income or with a Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) Advance Payment – has led to acute financial hardship, and damaged households’ longer-term financial resilience. This includes destitution, housing insecurity and debt. Last year staff from Evesham’s food bank told me they were the busiest they have ever been. How will you support people in Mid Worcestershire who have been affected in these ways?

"The social security system is not working as it should. It is driving people further into poverty and forcing families to rely on foodbanks to get by. The Liberal Democrats will build a system that works for the modern world to support those who need it and help people back into work.

"We have pledged to invest £6bn per year to make the benefits system work for people who need it and reduce the wait for the first benefits payment from five weeks to five days, remove the two child limit and benefits cap and make work pay by increasing work allowances and introducing a second earner work allowance. We will introduce a principle of universal access to basic services starting by building 100,000 social homes a year, ending rough sleeping and bringing in a new legal right to food. We would ensure that Mid Worcestershire does not lose out on these reforms by creating a £50bn Regional Rebalancing Programme to address the historic underfunding of public services in our area."

Q): If the Liberal Democrats stop Brexit, how will it affect people in Mid Worcestershire?

"Stopping Brexit will build a brighter future for Mid Worcestershire. Any form of Brexit will damage our economy, put jobs at risk, hurt our NHS and put the UK under enormous strain. There is no Brexit deal that will ever be as good as the deal we currently have as a member of the EU. No deal, trading on ‘WTO terms’, is so bad that almost no other country trades on that basis."

"The prospect of tariffs and border checks is causing manufacturers to shift their operations to other EU states and UK manufacturers are already reporting that export orders have dried up. There is no prospect of replacing lost EU markets with free trade agreements with other countries miles away. Many British businesses, including farmers and growers, would be driven out of business. Stopping Brexit will save businesses, jobs and prosperity. Staying in the EU will secure a £50bn Remain Bonus, with the economy 2% stronger by 2024 -25. We will invest that bonus in our schools and tackling poverty and inequality."

"Pharmacists and the NHS are already warning about shortage of painkillers, anti depressants and other common medicines following Brexit. Delays at ports would also cause huge disruptions to the supply of imported food. About 30% of our food comes from the EU so shopping bills would go up and fresh fruit and vegetables would become scarce. Almost 5,000 nurses and midwives from EU27 countries have quit the NHS in the past two years. Lack of seasonal workers from the EU would have a serious effect on the ability of growers in the vale to harvest crops. Stopping Brexit will retain essential services and supplies."

"By stopping Brexit we will continue to have freedom of movement which gives people in Mid Worcestershire the opportunity to live, work, study and retire anywhere in the EU."

"By staying in the EU, the UK will still be able to access EU funds for projects such as improving flood defences and flood relief. Continued access to the EU crime database and use of the European Arrest Warrant means that vital police cooperation with Europe is maintained, keeping our communities safer."

"Working together through the EU, the countries of Europe have achieved peace and prosperity. Furthermore, many of our current challenges are global: climate change, the arms trade, organised crime, human trafficking, the power of the multinationals. It is by working with our European neighbours that we can increase the UK’s ability to meet these challenges."

"Staying as full members of the EU enables people in Mid Worcestershire to have their say through their elected MEPs on working together with our European neighbours to achieve a brighter future for all.

Q) What does your manifesto offer Mid Worcestershire constituents that the other parties’ do not.

"The nature of work is changing fast, with automation and new technologies transforming the jobs we do and the skills they require. People often need to develop new skills to keep their jobs or get a new one, but the cost of courses and qualifications shuts too many people out."

"Neither the Conservatives nor Labour have the answers to these challenges. They are stuck pursuing 20th century policies that simply won’t work in our 21st century economy. They would take our country backwards."

"We will create new Skills Wallets for every adult giving them £10,000 to spend on education and training throughout their lives."

"Our Skills Wallets will empower people to develop new skills so that they can thrive in the technologies and industries that are key to the UK’s economic future."