Sent in by Jane Watson-Davis

There was an excellent turnout at the lunch to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Evesham Breastfeeding Mothers on Saturday November 30th. Around 50 past and present members of the group and their children, varying in age from 6 weeks to 16, came to celebrate the group’s longevity at the Baptist Church. It was lovely to see little gaggles of women who first met at the group years ago, still firm friends, supporting each other through life’s joys and troubles. These are just a few examples of the comments written by mums in a book commemorating the anniversary: “Without the support of this group, I don’t think I would have left the house for the first few weeks after having my first baby. My traumatic birth experience was scary and, as a new mum, I was lost. This group was a lifeline”. “What an amazing place you have provided for the shell-shocked new parents of Evesham! Thank you so much for supporting us in those early months and giving us a reason to leave the house on a Friday morning: coffee, cake and friendships formed for life, congratulations and thank you!” “The breastfeeding group was the first ever group that I went to and it immediately made me feel at ease about being out and about and gave me the confidence to go to other groups with my baby”. “I won’t forget the special Fridays I spent with you all and the invaluable support you showed to everyone during the ups and downs of breastfeeding and new baby life”.

The group, which is a drop-in, continues to meet every Friday at Evesham Baptist Church from 12 until 2 p.m.

(Photo 1: some of the children at the lunch. Photo 2: (from left to right) Elly Morris, Jane Watson-Davis and Andrea Jones.