POLICE in the region could increase their share of council tax revenue if proposals by the West Mercia police and crime commissioner are approved.

Mr Campion aims to increase West Mercia Police's share of council tax revenue by 2.94 per cent, which equates to approximately 50p extra per month for a Band D household.

The move, laid out in Mr Campion's 2020/21budget proposals, is intended to ensure communities receive more effective service from the force.

Mr Campion said: "During my term of office I have been able to focus West Mercia Police to spend public money as efficiently as possible before I consider asking the public for more.

"We have made progress, but there is more to be made.

“Through last year’s budget we were able to increase police officer numbers to the highest level since 2012, and with the addition of the share from the Government’s 20,000 officer uplift we will see that increase.

"It is important that we are able to allocate funding that enables us to protect these numbers so communities can continue to reap the benefits, and the force can deal with the demands placed on them due to the changing nature of crime.

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“I set out to be the Commissioner who represents the public in policing, so your views are important. I would therefore encourage you to take part in the consultation so you can help shape this important decision in how your local police services are funded.”

At this stage Mr Campion is proposing the increase as part of a strategy he announced a year ago to cover the rising costs facing West Mercia Police.

He added that "It will allow investment for the tools that officers need in order to carry out their roles effectively, and will enable officer numbers to be protected."

There are two other scenarios involved in the consultation.

The first is based on a 2 per cent council tax increase (a cap that is currently imposed by Government), and the second is based on the maximum that was allowed for the current financial year (£12/5.54 per cent).

To take part in the survey for the tax rise, go to www.surveygizmo.eu/s3/90199724/Precept-consultation-2020-21

Before Christmas, councillors announced plans to increase its share of council tax by 3.99 per cent next year with two per cent ring-fenced for adult social care.

If approved, it would be the seventh year in a row it has increased - having gone up by almost four per cent last year and 4.94 per cent the year before.