A NUMBER of suspicious incidents have happened in and around Pershore, with one man caught on CCTV lingering outside a home before stealing a bottle of Prosecco.

The man was seen on Saturday looking through a window on the Persimmon development, Pershore and then returned at 2250. He went into the garden and took a bottle of glitter Prosecco and some J2o.

Also at 10 pm Saturday a man is reported to have been seen on the Persimmon development wearing a baseball hat backwards, with a long shirt/jumper and shorts on. A home owner posted on social media that he was standing on the gravel outside the house looking in through the window. When he was spotted he ran up the road.

Police say there is no indication that the two incidents are linked despite behaviour appearing to be similar.

Another incident took place on the same night in Inkberrow. It was posted on social media: "A man was wearing shorts and a baseball cap. He appears to have entered back gate of one property and then entered another property, stolen keys and then car off the drive."

Police say in addition the same suspect may have been seen acting suspiciously around another affluent property where expensive cars were on the drive.