A WIDOW who is angry about the state of a cemetery says her husband is buried on 'a scrap-heap.'

Mary Hepworth whose late husband David is buried in Evesham Cemetery said: "It is in an awful condition, all the fences are falling down. There is a skip and old fridges dumped there"

However the fridges have now been removed. The council says it had collected the fridges from a number of sites in Evesham where they had been fly tipped. Officers then took them to the council's compound at the cemetery before they were removed.

Mr Hepworth died in 2009. The couple were married for 23 years. Mrs Hepworth said: "I would visit more if it was nicer. It breaks my heart to go down there. It's been going down hill for several years."

Mrs Hepworth, 68 said: "There a lot of families loved ones down there, the council charge £450 for the plot of their loved ones to be placed there so why is it not kept up to a certain standard so we can all remember our precious loved ones."

Mrs Hepworth said:"I feel absolutely heartbroken, my late husband lived in Evesham all his life and he has ended up on a scrap-heap."

The Town Council says it went out for quotes for the fence and appointed a contractor to replace the fencing towards the end of last year. The contractor was due to start in November but was delayed due to the poor weather. The contractor has confirmed that work to replace the fence will begin this week.

Town Clerk Stuart Carter said: "I personally apologise for any distress caused but hope the friends and family who attend the cemetery will be comforted by the fact that the new fencing will be installed imminently."