Eyes to the skies, the first full moon of 2020 will be visible on Friday night across the UK - weather permitting.

Should we have clear skies, you will be able to see January's wolf moon in all its glory from around 7.21pm on Friday.

And we're also being graced with a penumbral lunar eclipse.

This is where the Earth's main shadow does not cover the moon, according to timeanddate.com

Where the Earth, moon and sun are imperfectly aligned, the outer shadow of Earth (the penumbra) crosses the moon, resulting in a slight shadowing of the moon's brightness. This will not be the darkening we see during a full lunar eclipse though.

And yes, it may be hard to see because the shadowy part is just a little bit fainter than the rest of the Moon.

But now you know, you might be able to detect it.

If you're wondering where the wolf moon gets the name, in early Native American tribes it was known as this because of the time of year when hungry wolf packs howled outside their camps.

So check those local weather forecasts and fingers crossed for a clear night!

There is also set to be a super full moon on March 9 - so mark the date in your diary.