We asked you where the best pizza in Evesham, Pershore, or the surrounding villages can be found.

Jenny Martin suggested: "The Lygon Wine Bar, Broadway."

Lucy Hopkins said: "Snappy Tomato Pizza, Evesham."

Jo Dawson said: "Chicago pizza (Pershore) food is always great and staff are very polite and friendly. The shop is always clean and tidy."

Debbie Staite agreed: "Chicago’s every time for me, nom nom."

Jayne Corbett, Chelsea Ludlow, Gabriella Chantry, and Sarah Emily Watt were all team Chicago Pizza.

Julia Shorey however said: "Flavours."

Clare Hobday agreed: "Flavours always,"

And the votes for Flavours kept flooding in, with Alex George, Clare Boswell and Jane Figgitt getting involved.

Lisa Jankus-Scott was confident: "Definitely Flavours in Evesham without a doubt! Trust me - I am a pizza connoisseur."

It was very close between Chicago Pizza and Flavours, but Flavours came out on top!