WORCESTERSHIRE County Council paid over £30,000 last year in compensation after drivers damaged their vehicle by a pothole.

As today (January 15) marks National Pothole Day, researchers have revealed that 388 people made a claim for compensation due to pothole damage in Worcestershire between 2018 and 2019.

In total, £31,139 was compensated in the county, which forced taxpayers to pay for the damage.

The data for was found by Freedom of Information requests and covers from January 1, 2018 to October 17, in 2019.

Councillor Alan Amos, cabinet member with responsibility for Highways at Worcestershire County Council said: “Any damage claim due to the condition of the highway is always investigated thoroughly. There has been significant investment into highway maintenance to reduce potholes, and we continue to improve the condition of our roads.

“Worcestershire has an excellent record of repairing potholes where they have been reported, so we would encourage people to report any potholes they come across through our online reporting tool at www.worcestershire.gov.uk/reportit .”

Potholes are caused by water that seeps into tarmac and then expands as temperatures drop below freezing during the winter, cracking the road surface.

Driving over one can jolt and damage a vehicle’s suspension, affect the condition of wheels and in extreme cases even puncture or burst tyres.

Researchers from car leasing company LeaseCar.uk have named the English councils that received the highest number of compensation requests from vehicle owners due to pothole damage over the year.

A total of 37,578 relevant claims were made across England, with poorly maintained roads meaning councils compensated motorists to the tune of £3,520,538.38 in total.