A FISH and chip shop closed after receiving a hygiene rating of one at its last inspection.

Happy Little Sole, South Littleton opted to close after it was rated one star out of five by Worcestershire regulatory service in September. However it could reopen again if the owners decide to open it.

Helen Cameron, chartered environmental health practitioner at Worcestershire Regulatory Services, said: “Happy Little Sole in Evesham undertook a voluntary closure which is one of the enforcement options available to food officers. Several revisits have been made where no evidence of trading has been found. If the business reopens in the same ownership, the score will remain in place until the next programmed inspection. They do not require permission to start trading again. If new owners are on site they need to register as a new business and will be inspected and given a new FHRS score.”

The website says the shop required "major improvement" in hygienic food handling, and management of food safety.

We attempted to contact Happy Little Sole but were unable to.

Smakosz Traditional Polish Cuisine, Port Street, Evesham also received a rating of one star at its last inspection.

The report written by the inspectors made recommendations on how they should improve, these included: "Keep up to date temperature records of fridges. (freezers along with cooking /hot holding/ reheating temps) using a thermometer”

The report also said the “back wall of the kitchen needs to be repaired”

It also said the kitchen requires “a smooth, washable finish tiling, stainless steel surface."

“Keep raw food and cooked foods in fridges, preferably store in separate fridges."

The report continued saying inspectors had:"discussed cooling down periods for cooked meats prior to refrigeration.”

“Fly strips to be replaced, electronic fly killers recommended” The report said.

Smakosz Traditional Polish Cuisine chose not to comment.