A HOUSING group has defended itself after complaints from residents.

John Campbell - Muir, a resident of Woodlands, Evesham said he is unable to file complaints because he has dyslexia and there is not a way for him to do this without filling in a form, which he struggles to do. He also says residents are not warned when they are in arrears. But Rooftop Housing Group said all residents can check their balance at any time.

Mr Muir said: "They are evicting people for non payment of rent without telling people that they are behind on the rent. Because their website is down you cannot check."

Becky Layland, another Evesham resident said: "I was on the verge of eviction as they had messed up my rent (was getting sent direct to them yet they ‘weren’t’ receiving it) had someone turn up at 7pm on a Friday night with her own child in the car to intimidate me on my doorstep. I have made endless complaints yet nothing ever gets done! I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone."

A statement from Rooftop Housing Group said:

"Mr Muir’s original complaint to us was received on January 7, it was acknowledged in the time frame laid down by our Complaints Procedure and responded to within that time frame by Julia Harrison Head of Neighbourhoods and Income. The complaint was found to be without basis."

"All customers have access to their rent statements and can get a rent balance at any time during standard office hours. Customers can sign up for monthly postal statements, a one off 5-day statement, or call or email our income team to get a balance. The only facility that we’re unable to offer due to technical issues is an online balance check."

"We always call and write to customers in arrears. We often visit customers too, to help then get out of arrears, and we offer a special Money Advice Service which, so far this year, has helped our customers claim an extra £2.5m in wrongly applied or under claimed benefits."