A COUPLE are angry after moving out of a bungalow with a ‘severe black mould problem.’

Robert Allcock said: “It was absolutely full of black mould. It was up the ceiling and there was no insulation. We have had to move out because of health reasons. We were there breathing in the spores.”

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The couple lived in the Pershore bungalow for nearly four years.

Mr Allcock who now lives in Eckington with his wife Jennifer said: “There was a wet wall problem in the early months of our tenancy which our private landlady rectified.”

But severe black mould started to appear last autumn, the said.

The couple who left the bungalow four months ago say the landlady blamed the mould problem on them for not opening windows, which Mr Allcock said is “nonsense.”

He said he contacted Wychavon District Council and officers are planning on investigating the house to ascertain if it is safe to live in.

Mr Allcock said: “It needs knocking down as it is dangerous. It is not fit to live in.”

Bruce Lomax, Principal Housing Officer at Wychavon District Council, said: “We can confirm that the private sector housing team received a complaint on 31 January 2020.”

“We understand the property is currently empty and we are in the process of arranging with the landlord to undertake a comprehensive inspection of the property.”

“If required, we will ensure any works are undertaken to bring the property to a habitable condition and the correct legal standard. ”

Black mould has been linked to various health problems such as asthma, chronic coughing and sneezing and irritation to the eyes.

We contacted the property’s owner but she did not respond.