We asked you where the best cafe is, and you gave us so many wonderful suggestions.

Abbie Hawkins said: "Buongiorno cafe! Amazing food, drinks and staff are warm and friendly! They have my vote 100%"

Sarah Floyd said: "It has to be Delicious Cafe in Evesham. They are always friendly and welcoming. There is beautiful, freshly prepared food with fresh and healthy ingredients. Nobody comes close!"

Andrew Johnson agreed: "Delicious cafe Evesham. It is the most welcoming, friendly cafe. The staff go above and beyond to make your experience the best it can be. Clem the chef cooks everything from fresh locally sourced products and the menu is perfect for all age groups."

Tara Kirkham-Evans said: "Definitely Brew Bear Coffee House in Evesham. Such friendly staff, great coffee and cake and they do so much for local causes."

Mate Bate also went for Brew Bear Coffee House. Along with many more. Lucy N Rich Hancock said: "Brew Bear Coffee House. You get a warm friendly welcome and the owners, Rhona and Chantal are supporting a lot of local charitable events. They are new to town and are really helping to make a difference. It is SEN friendly too."

Sarah Cohen said: "Koffee and Cake in Pershore is far and away the best cafe in town. Lovely friendly people run it - comfy seating - always warm - great coffee and cakes - and other drinks! Toast and Marmite the best. Do go there."

Koffee and Cake proved popular.

Abbi Camden said: "Koffee & Cake in Pershore! Staff are wonderful, happy and very helpful. Perfect for homemade cake. It is also a dog friendly cafe with treats for the dogs! Choose this café over any in Pershore for the perfect cappuccino."

Stacy Van Der Merwe said: "Babychino in Evesham. It's great. You can take the kids along, let them play and us parents can enjoy a coffee. The staff are always so polite and interactive with both children and parents. The freshly baked cakes are amazing to."

Jessica Tomes said: "Babyccino. It's very family friendly with friendly staff. The menu is great for both adults and children. The cakes are amazing and there is great coffee too. Everything you need in a cafe."

The family friendly cafe also got votes from Charlotte Millar and Justyna Finc Rutkowska.

Viki Hartwell agreed: "Babyccino 100% ... so friendly, clean , the coffee and food is gorgeous... great for adults with children , but there is also a nice quiet room in the back."

It was very close, but Babyccino Coffee on Merstow Green Evesham was the favourite.