A DELI has scrapped single use plastic jelly pots after an eco-concious nine-year-old wrote to them with the suggestion.

Josie Dent-Ludlow from took it upon herself to write to the local school lunch provider - 'The Deli' in Pershore, to ask them if there would be any way in which they could change their use of single use plastic specifically with regard to the jelly pots that each child gets their jelly in at lunchtime.

Josie who was appointed the eco lead at Elmley Castle School was hopeful that The Deli would be responsive to her request because she feels very strongly that we all need to be making significant changes to the way in which we use plastic due to the impact it has on the environment.

Josie was thrilled when The Deli responded to her letter with: "Dear Josie. Thank you for your letter. It is wonderful to hear you are taking so much pride in making your school eco-friendly."

"We hear at the Deli have tried over the past year to convert most of the disposable items we use to biodegradable. This includes coffee cups, salad boxes, soup containers and jacket potato boxes. Even the plastic cutlery we use for take-away food is made of potato starch."

"While this is a good start we know we still have work to do to make sure all our items are eco friendly."

The Deli agreed to implement Josie's idea of giving jelly out to the children in a large bowl or tray.

Josie's mum Claire Dent said: "Overall, I think this is evidence of how much people are willing to change, and how local communities are willing to work together in order to make really positive changes. I am really grateful to the Deli for responding to her in this way, giving her this valuable experience, and Im also grateful that Josie will give other children confidence that they can make a difference, even if they are only 9 years old."