Despite the disruptions to daily life caused by the coronavirus outbreak, communities are coming together to help each other.

Ex Evesham South councillor Matt Snape is appealing for people to join the Evesham South WhatsApp groups to help each other during this time of crisis.

Mr Snape set up the groups when he was councillor to encourage communication and support, but now people are using them to prevent isolation and ask each other for help.

Mr Snape said: "One former resident of mine struggled to get some groceries, so I did some shopping for them and got them what they needed. And people are communicating on these groups to help elderly residents who are not on WhatsApp, but need help."

The groups have been created for the following roads: Overbrook, Fairwater Close, Four Pools Road, Fairfield Road, Durcott Road, Davies Road, Hawthorne Road and Falkland Road.

People who live on smaller roads linked to those bigger roads can also join the groups e.g. people who live in Owletts End can join the Overbrook group.

Mr Snape said: "I would urge more people to join these WhatsApp groups for Evesham South now to enable residents to communicate and coordinate with each other as this coronavirus crisis continues. "

"They will enable residents and volunteers to buy groceries and other necessities for those who desperately need them during this period of self-isolation."

"If you wish to join them, please contact me on"