A CAMPAIGN has been launched encouraging the county’s residents to support each other during the coronavirus crisis.

Worcestershire County Council’s ‘Here 2 Help’ campaign calls on the county’s communities to support the elderly and vulnerable in self-isolation – particularly those that can offer goods, services and assistance to those that need it.

The council has also provided five simple but important ways to help the most vulnerable across the county during these difficult times.

Those steps include taking care of yourself and staying health particularly by protecting yourself and others by washing your hands thoroughly and regularly as well as socially distancing.

Residents are also being encouraged to swap numbers with vulnerable neighbours and check on them regularly.

The council has also asked the county to ‘be kind and think of others’ by not bulk buying essential items and offer help to those who need it.

Residents should also use video calling and telephone conversations to stay in touch rather than meeting in person.

The council also wants residents to be vigilant with sharing accurate advice and information by not sharing rumours and only using verified sources.

The county council said it has been grateful for the offers of help and support already received from individuals, groups and businesses across Worcestershire and has now provided an easy way to volunteer through filling out a simple form on the council’s website.

By filling out the form the council will be able to organise and speak to those volunteering and offering help.

Councillor Lucy Hodgson, cabinet member for communities, said: “We’ve had lots of people kindly offer to help and to provide support and the people of Worcestershire can be really proud of how the county has come together so far.

“With social distancing and social isolation now coming into force, it’s important we all help each other through this and do what we can for those who are in self isolation.”

If you have any goods and services that you wish to donate, please visit www.worcestershire.gov.uk/here2help and fill out the form by clicking on the ‘Get In Touch’ button at the bottom of the page.

For more information and advice about the coronavirus outbreak, please visit: www.worcestershire.gov.uk/coronavirus