WORCESTER pub-goers are seeing the once unthinkable sight of the closure of all their favourite watering holes this weekend.

In an announcement yesterday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson moved to close all pubs and clubs as part of the ongoing attempt to stop the spread of Covid-19.

After calling last orders publicans shut their doors for the final time yesterday evening with no idea of when they would be able to reopen again.

Despite the Prime Minister's warning to stay away from them on the final night there have been reports nationally pub-goers filled establishments - although it appears that wasn't the case in Worcester as the majority sensibly stayed at home.

Ahead of the government's announcement some publicans had told us they would welcome an enforced closed as trade had plummeted this week following the PM's advice to stay away, and under an official government directive many landlords would be able to claim insurance. Some also had already begun to switch to delivery services, anticipating this enforced closure would happen.

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Meanwhile, prior to the announcement, landlady at the Blue Bell took the precautionary measure of closing on Friday morning after she was notified that a customer who had visited on Monday had been suspected of having coronavirus.

A note that was put on display to customers in the window of the Callow End establishment read: "Please note, we have been informed of a suspected case of coronavirus with a customer visiting on Monday. "Therefore we are closing with immediate effect. Please inform anyone who has visited since Monday.

"We will reopen as soon as we possibly can and hope to have your fantastic support in the future. Sue x."

Sue Donohoe said: "It was a public health decision. There have been rumours we had coronavirus - but is a suspected case, so I wanted to let people know.

"We took the decision to close, and have deep cleaned the area where he was.

"We had started a delivery service but we will stop and give it a couple of weeks now, as I want to make sure everybody that was in here this week is OK."

Asked on her thoughts about the future for the pub the landlady added: "I have been here 13 years, you want it to continue when you have built it up from scratch.

"We are communicating with staff, I have money invested.

"You have to stay positive."