Despite Costa Coffee staying open during the current coronavirus crisis, staff want the cafe chain to temporarily close.

Store managers have set up a petition on in a bid to get all its cafes shut.

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They say: "Everyone is scared to speak up as they are scared to lose jobs in this current crisis climate and be in the street. We have passed our several concerns to the top management which they have ignored and still wish us to trade.

"We want the government to protect us as our company has failed to do so. Please could you support us. We are scared of our lives and our families."

Boris Johnson said yesterday that pubs, bars, clubs, cafes, theatres, gyms and leisure centres must close from last night.

Supporters of the petition say Costa Coffee has found a loop hole in the new government order whereby it can stay open as long as it operates as takeaway only.

A supporter commented: "Coffee in this format is a luxury in my view and we do not need it enough to put the chain's employees at risk."

Rival coffee chain Starbucks closed all of its stores across the UK yesterday following the government's announcement.