With asparagus season about to kick off in mid-April to mid-June, there is a huge need for UK based workers to help with picking and packing on the farms.

Last year, 98% of harvest staff were from outside the UK and there is a concern about securing enough workers to help harvest vital crops and get fresh fruit and vegetables to the public.

There will be a large-scale recruitment campaign to encourage people who are in the UK and looking for work because of the current economic impact of the Coronavirus to work on farms. Farms pay the living wage and may provide safe accommodation on site.

The campaign wants the British government to help encourage workers who are already resident in the UK and looking for work and may have been employed in sectors such as hospitality to consider seasonal work on farms.

With support from the government growers and farms can work to provide the public with vital fresh fruit and vegetables that they need to maintain health and wellbeing at this challenging time.

For further information on vacancies see hopslaboursolutions.com/ and concordiavolunteers.org.uk/