FAMILIES across Evesham are continuing to be encouraged to share their rainbow drawings as a symbol of hope during the coronavirus outbreak.

Households across the country are getting creative with their rainbow drawings and displaying them in their windows to keep spirits up during life under lockdown.

Natalie Gaffney sent to the Journal pictures of daughters Macie Gaffney, four, and Ava Gaffney, aged two, painting a big rainbow in their lounge window, at their home in Honeybourne.

"Macie and Ava have spent a long time painting a big rainbow to support all the keyworkers," she said.

"They have gone outside to clap and make noise for all the frontline helpers every Thursday.

"They are very proud of there work and they have been asking to do this for ages. So proud and so caring.

"They are hoping all their school and nursery friends will get to see it."