FRUSTRATED drivers, hit with car parking tickets on an Evesham car park, are demanding they are cancelled after claiming the cameras on the site are not working properly.

Dozens have people have said they have wrongly received tickets for stays allegedly over the allowed limit of three hours, on the Sinclair Retail Park's car park near to Aldi and TK Maxx.

And one reader has even told us about a ticket from Car Park Management (CPM), demanding a £60 payment rising to £100 if not paid within 14 days, given for an alleged stay over 24 hours.

Mellieha Colmer said: "My mum visited on the morning of March 19, and went back on March 20 morning.

"Yet they've said she was there the whole time.

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"My mum is in her 70s, she has been trying to go out in the morning to shop when it is less busy. But this is just added stress at this time.

"There are at least 40 people (with similar stories).

"The problem is, as I guess no one is working in their office, you phone their number and all it says is you can appeal.

"We are appealing - she wasn't parked there 24 hours."

Sarah Emily Watt, from South Littleton, said her husband popped out to visit Aldi and Home Bargains, on Sunday, March 1.

Mrs Watt said: "He went at 9.15am, but with everything happening at the moment, he had forgot shops don’t open until 10am on Sundays so left.

"He was only on there to turn around and drive straight out.

"He went back around 12.15pm, went into Aldi quickly - only around 10 minutes - and left at 12.26pm.

"He has now been sent a ticket saying he was on there three hours, 13 minutes.

"They have sent a photo of our car entering 9am, and then one of it leaving at 12.26pm.

"There is no way we are paying it - they just need to check the CCTV.

"We spoke to the shops there, but they say it is private land, managed by CPM.

"This must have been going on throughout March.

"It has put us off going there now."

On social media Evesham residents posted pictures of tickets they had wrongly received.

This paper has attempted to contact CPM through an email to their head office about the claims,

No one responded before our deadline.