CALLS have been made for a free ‘post-isolation’ festival to help musicians, comedians and artists who have had their gigs cancelled because of the coronavirus.

The festival, which would only be held after social isolation measures have been stopped by the government, would help bands, singers, buskers, comedian and artists who have been gigs postponed and cancelled because of the coronavirus lockdown.

Labour councillors have called on Worcestershire County Council to look at holding the huge festival to help support artists and musicians as well as bring visitors, tourists and shoppers back to the county to help boost business.

Cllr Richard Udall, who represents St John’s in Worcester, said: “When all of this is over, we should have a celebration in Worcestershire.

"Worcestershire Labour group are calling upon the county council to organise a major festival, to commission bands, singers, buskers, comedians, artists and others to put on a free public show.

"Many artists have been without any work and have had all their gigs cancelled for the whole year. We should secure their work now for a major event which can only happen once the lockdown has ended.

“I am asking for the county council arts service to commission as many local artists as possible, with small grants, to prepare for post lockdown public celebration, artists could display their work at County Hall or provide free gigs, concerts or street performances as a thank you for all key workers and the public.

“Such events don’t happen overnight, we need to plan and organise, we need to give the opportunity to local artists and performers to take part, we can provide them with a venue to show their work and pay them in advance, helping the entire entertainment industry and promising to put on a real show for the public to enjoy.

“I believe such a festival will more than pay for itself, with increased visitors, shoppers and tourists coming to the county to see and enjoy the events, we need to put the fun back into Worcestershire."