A PLUMBER with a heart of gold has being spending his time in lockdown making hearts made out of copper to raise money for county charities.

Dan Ford, who is currently living in Wickhamford with his parents, his wife Lyndsey and 18-month-old son Jasper, joked that he first started making the hearts when he was "escaping to the garage".

"I was put on furlough, and it started out as something to do as I had some extra copper," Mr Ford said.

"I made them, and then friends and family wanted them.

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"It has spiralled from then. We are now getting requests from across the country.

"So far we have raised more than £4,000 and that number is ever increasing."

The 32-year-old said it had now become a "family affair", with the whole family helping and monitoring the orders for them.

"We are selling them at around £10 to £15 - but it is a donation so if people want to give more they can," he said.

"I don't take any of the money, donating all the profits to local charities.

"The only money taken out was to get more copper to make more - but we are having donations of copper from local plumbers now.

"Charities I have supported (from the money raised) have included St Richard's Hospice and Worcestershire Royal Hospital.

"And I want to support more charities."

For more details or to order a copper heart visit Hearts For Hope on Facebook or etsy.com/shop/heartsforhopedesigns,