A ‘MIRACLE’ cancer survivor hopes to be part of research which may help fight coronavirus.

Barbara Moss was already part of tests conducted by research body Continuum Life Sciences looking into why she and others survived cancer in the mission to find a cure.

The 65-year-old was about to donate biological material for analysis when research was disrupted by the pandemic. Given just three months to live, she began to plan her funeral when diagnosed with bowel cancer in November 2006.

Mrs Moss has now been cancer free for 12 years, defying medical experts after her family paid for a biological drug which shrank the tumour so it became operable. She now says research into ‘immunotherapy success stories’ may also help against coronavirus.

Professor Dan Davis of Continuum Life Sciences wrote: “Immunology has taken centre stage here in revealing what happens when our body fights this virus, and brings us the possibility of treatments and vaccines.”

Mrs Moss, of Aconbury Close, Worcester, said: “The fantastic findings already of Continuum Life Sciences is that some people build up an immunity possibly triggered through the course of their illness. Some long term cancer survivors who are in the study have cells that, after replication, can kill cancer cells of other people. However, it is of importance that many cancer patients and survivors have been advised that they are vulnerable and need to be especially careful to avoid Covid-19.

“In the Continuum LS cohort of patients, there are long term cancer survivors who have survived Covid-19. George Alagiah has overcome late stage bowel cancer twice as well as a mild dose of Covid-19. Could there be some correlation in how this resistance has built up in these people who have survived cancer ‘against all odds’ and whether this has helped them to overcome Covid-19? Could this be harnessed in helping others? The scientists are working towards a vaccine and their work is crucial in helping our lives get back to normal.”