DURING the coronavirus lockdown we have all relied on big-hearted community heroes, and we wanted to salute and thank them.

We asked readers to highlight their heroes, whether it has been keyworkers, teachers caring for their children or the wonderful volunteers going out their way delivering food and shopping to isolating neighbours. We were inundated with responses.

Suzy Southall nominated Rev Dr David John Southall the chaplain at Worcestershire Royal Hospital.

She wrote: “He’s visited patients; newly born and at their last dying breath and taken funerals for those who’ve lost loved ones; and still comes home at the end of the day with a gleaming smile to resume as a husband, father and grandfather.”

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Helen Mason-Bedford nominated Rachel Turner.

She wrote: “Working within the NHS has been daunting and being cut off from family and friends the support can really lack. Rachel is a fellow health care assistant within the same team and is always at the other end of the phone.

“She makes me laugh every day and keeps my morale up.

“With everything going on at work, she still managed to do her food collections for the foodbank.

“She is definitely a hero but doesn’t realise it.”

Sam Walker nominated mum, Libby, writing: “She’s working everyday as a keyworker getting up at 2.30am to start her shift at 4am.

“Not only that she then drops round any supplies we need due to my partner having to isolate after his recent kidney transplant.

"We all appreciate your hard work mum you are our hero.”

And Laura Bishop was nominated with this message: “She has worked up to a 56 hour week at a care home looking after the vulnerable, she then goes home to her three children and home schools them.

“She even caught coronavirus and recovered and is back at work like nothing happened. Everyday she risks her safety to help those in need. This woman is amazing.”

Two of the people nominated will now be chosen, each winning six bottles of wine, courtesy of Bottles in New Street, Worcester.