WE asked our Worcester News camera club readers to send in their images of life under lockdown.

Many of the images depicted scenes normally full of life but were now echoing the loneliness of lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic.

Technology was a theme explored by Steven Jackson, on how video technology over the internet can keep communications lines open.

Christopher Murphy photographed the ‘smiling’ contrail from Richard Goodwin’s aircraft as he performed in the skies over the county last weekend to cheer people up.

Judy Peachey’s depiction of a sign showed how family are still as one, even though distance is in-between.

A single bench, normally a place for walkers to rest on, was photographed by Harold Sparrey, devoid of people.

A train track vanishing into the distance, with no carriages was used for Michael Gale’s interpretation of the brief.

Stuart Jancey digitally manipulated a self portrait to show his time in isolation by drinking a soft drink with his mirror image.

The humorous image has his reflection’s hand reaching out to greet him.

What is your experiences of life during lockdown?

To join our camera club, send your photographs to photo@worcesternews.co.uk or visit Facebook and search for Worcester News Camera Club - it’s free to join.

The club was launched in August 2017 and its aim is to give all photographers the chance to have their images published and potentially seen by millions of people online – and in print.

We believe there is a wealth of talent across the county – and hope to provide a platform for that talent to be displayed.

To date, there are 1,012 members and the group grows each week and there have been a couple of social meet ups and more intended when social isolation measures are lifted.