WITH thunderstorm and flood warnings in place, the UK’s largest dog welfare charity Dogs Trust is providing top tips and advice on how to keep pets happy and safe.

Catherine Dobbie, veterinary surgeon at the trust, said: “Extreme weather and thunderstorms can be distressing for dogs.

"Signs to look out for include pacing around the home, excessive barking, or trying to run and hide.

"There are steps owners can take to comfort their dog and help them cope if their dogs are becoming anxious. If you’re worried about the weather, keep your dog indoors as much as possible.”

Owners are advised to provide a safe hiding place, making sure their dog has somewhere safe in their favourite room, perhaps under a table.

They should close curtains, turn lights on, and turn up the volume on the TV or radio to mask the sounds of the storm.

For more information and advice, go to dogstrust.org.uk/advice