AN Evesham writer's debut novel has been published.

Pack Of Lies is Roz Levens' first ever novel and is a fast-moving story of deception and intrigue which brings together an unlikely group of women.

The book is set in Pershore, as well as Gloucester, Stratford-upon-Avon and Spain, and is written for fans of crime - with a plenty of twists and a splash of humour.

The writer teaches creative writing at Worcester's The Hive and has over a dozen short stories published.

She was also the winner of Worcestershire Literary Festival Flash Slam 2017.

“Pack of Lies” is her first step into novel-writing – and she has three more novels under construction.

“Getting a novel into print is a huge thrill,” she said.

“I’ve spent five years learning the craft of writing with the help of Worcester’s fantastic literary groups – including ‘42Worcester,’ Worcester Writers Circle and Speakeasy. Support and feedback from members of the group have helped me hone my writing skills and given me the confidence to write my first novel.

“The main message in “Pack of Lies" is that what goes around comes around, and that women working together can move mountains. There are serious images here, about the the way people can be deceived by those they love, and the perils of gambling. It’s been a major challenge to get the book finalised and printed under lockdown.

"Like everyone, I’ve had to learn how to use Zoom, and other previously unheard of online services to communicate with the publishing team at Worcester’s Black Pear Press.

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“It was a surreal moment when I got the first copy of my book – it was handed over at a safe 2m distancing by my publisher in the Worcester Waitrose car park.

"Im a bit of a social media addict – it’s a great way to talk to other writers across the world to test out ideas. There’s a very supportive online writer’s community, and I’ve built up a strong following on twitter at @rozlevens."

Pack Of Lies” is published by Black Pear Press and is available online from, and is set shortly to be available on Amazon and as a Kindle edition.