WORK will take place next week to remove a large tree on the bank of the Avon in Evesham as the council says it poses a danger to the public.

The mature common lime is part of an avenue of lime trees in Workman Gardens, and work to remove it will begin on Monday, July 13.

A Wychavon District council spokesman said: "The effect of the disease can be seen on the trunk from the dark water-soaked area in the wood. Passers-by may also notice a sour-smelling liquid seeping out.

"A recent inspection found 75 per cent of the trunk is currently decayed. If it was left in place it would continue to deteriorate and there is a risk it could topple over.

"Efforts have been made to save the tree in recent years including removing the top and branches to encourage new growth – known as pollarding – but with no success.

The council intends to plant a new tree but will have to wait up to two years before it can be replaced.

Cllr Emma Stokes, executive board member for environment on Wychavon District Council, said: “We are all devastated we have to remove this tree and I know residents will be upset by this news.

“We have done everything possible to try and avoid having to take this course of action but it is necessary to protect the public."