A CALL for volunteer stitchers in Evesham to join 300 across Worcestershire is being made by the Worcestershire Community Rail Partnership.

Stitch Train Worcestershire will create 18 tapestry train artworks for display at stations in Worcestershire during the autumn.

After display, all the trains will be linked together to form two massive trains – each 11.5m long – to be exhibited in the first instance at the Worcestershire Community Rail Partnership Anniversary event in November.

Each volunteer will be sent a free kit in the post with all that is needed to create one of the individual tapestry pieces which will be combined to form first the station artwork and then the full trains.

Peter Chapman, of Worcestershire Community Rail Partnership, said: “Thanks to funding from the Community Rail Network the Partnership has a wonderful opportunity to brighten up the County’s stations by involving those who use them. I can’t wait to see the completed trains!”

Paul Webster of the Community Rail Network added: “The network is glad to have been able to support the project. We are always happy to be actively involved in the work of our CRPs. Seems to me to be an ideal lockdown activity!”

GWR community manager Emma Morris said: “Community Rail plays a vital role across the Great Western Railway network. It connects us closely to what our customers and supporters really want from their local railway; and plays an essential role in helping keep stations clean, safe and welcoming.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing the tapestry Intercity Express Train in all its glory when it’s completed, and how closely it will resemble the real things which have been keeping passengers moving in this difficult time.”

Finished tapestries need to be returned by Friday, September 4. More information can be found on the Stitch Train Worcestershire page of the Partnership’s website at wcrp.org.uk/stitchtrain/