A PLAN to relocate a rubble recycling plant has raised concerns from a neighbouring crematorium.

Throckmorton-based waste specialists Wrubble have put forward plans to move its base to a former mushroom farm in Fladbury but the plan has not been welcomed by the owners of Vale Crematorium.

Westerleigh Group, which runs the crematorium, has said it will object to the plans, according to the planning application, for the disruption it would cause.

Wrubble defended the plan saying the noise from the recycling equipment would be contained within its own building and would be no noisier than it is now.

The company also said no changes had been requested by Westerleigh Group and the A44, which the crematorium is next to, was already noisy.

Wrubble, which was formed just over three years ago, said it has outgrown the two yards it currently has on Thockmorton airfield – which are trickily a distance away from each other – and wants to move to the former mushroom farm for a bigger and permanent base.

The company recycles hard-to-decompose waste from aggregates used regularly in construction and other materials from demolition and also carries out groundwork and clears up building sites as well as hiring out equipment.

Planning permission was approved in 2015 for a “state-of-the-art” mushroom farm but the plans never got off the ground. Vale Crematorium opened in December 2018.

Public consultation ends on September 17. Comments can be made via Worcestershire County Council's website.