A HEADTEACHER has spoken out on his anger of the last minute change of plan by the Government on how GCSE grades are to be awarded to students this year..

Mark Pollard, head of Bishop Perowne C Of E College Merrimans Hill Road, welcomed the change but said the last few days had been a farce putting unnecessary stress on pupils and teachers.

He said: “Given the circumstances, this is the least bad solution and means that we can restore some fairness to students in securing their futures.

“There will be worries about grade inflation and too many higher grades nationally.

“In school, we took the process very seriously and allocated what we think are fair outcomes based on all the evidence we have.

“What a shame that we have had to go through this shambolic farce over the last few days, given that this situation was wholly predictable.”

Before the exam u-turn, Worcester Sixth Form College was prepared to take predicted grades - in the same way announced yesterday - from students joining them in September - what it called “grades suggested by their school”.

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Principal, Ed Senior, said before the Government announcement: “At Worcester Sixth Form College we have decided to be proactive in helping students who are waiting for important GCSE results this week.

"We want students to be reassured that if their grades are reduced below our entry requirements for a particular course we will still use the grades suggested by their school.”