AN unsightly stretch of pavement which became a figure of fun for residents has finally been repaired.

The so-called “Pershore Eyesore” has been dealt with following our story last month, when we asked whose responsibility it was.

The unsightly barriers and weeds, which have been a feature of the site, have been removed after months of residents making fun of it.

Tracey Bryant, who set up a Facebook group to try and get it removed, said: “Look at the power of the Evesham Journal. Since you published the story they have pulled up the weeds and removed the signs.

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“They might even fix the pavement soon, we’ll have to wait and see.”

The Facebook group was set up to poke fun at the site in Mill Lane, and several residents put humorous signs making light of the situation. One of the funny signs at the site is a mock certificate saying: “First Place - Presented to the Pershore Eyesore, for looking bloody awful.”

Another claims the much delayed HS2 rail link will be finished before it. At the time of the complaints, Worcestershire County Council’s highways department said it was not responsible for placing the barriers there, but would investigate to see what progress could be made.

A spokesman said: “The barriers that have been placed on the tactiles have not been placed there by the Worcestershire County Council or any other maintenance or utility contractor.

“However, we will certainly send a team to assess the pavement, whilst removing the barriers and the weeding. We would always encourage residents to report highways issues to us using the Travel and Roads report it function on our website.”