DR Charles Turner Standring, designer of Broadway Golf Club, was a key figure in the Broadway community.

Before his arrival, Broadway was a major coaching centre for travellers between Worcester, Oxford and London, but Dr Standring’s arrival transformed the sleepy town.

By the age of 29, he had reorganised the town’s cricket club, formed the football club, become secretary of the tennis club and founded the golf club.

With friends, he began playing a few holes with friends at Deans Meadow, now the home of the cricket club.

The first march was played against Alcester in 1894 and the club, which was at this point located on the hill below Broadway Tower, was instituted on April 18, 1895 with Dr Standring as captain.

With the club proving increasingly successful, and after four more moves, the club finally settled on what is now known as the “bottom 9” in 1911.

This was increased to 18 holes by 1962.

Broadway is also a founder member of the 1895 Club. Linked with 44 other UK and overseas golf clubs established in the same year, it provides reciprocal members’ playing rights to visitors from other 1895 Clubs.

With three other member clubs located within 70 miles, Broadway provides an opportunity for members to play different courses with regular trips to Devon, Cornwall and Scotland.