CONCERNS have been raised that youngsters are gathering in groups at a cycle park during the pandemic.

Christine Clarke wrote to the Evesham Journal concerned about a large number of younger and older children gathering on Charity Brook park in the early evening, not cycling but standing together and not following social distancing regulations.

Ms Clarke reported it to police on the 101 line but says she had no response. She said: “I feel it is important that children are behaving responsibly and parents should be aware of where their children are.”

She also noted that the number of cases of coronavirus in the county were on the rise.

A police spokesperson said officers were not aware of Ms Clarke’s complaint but added: “We would be dealing with gatherings of people whether that is through engagement and education or enforcement. Education would take place before we move into enforcement, particularly with young people.”

Phil Merrick, from Wychavon District Council, said: “We are aware of anti-social behaviour in Charity Brook park and we are liaising with the police. As a council, we do not have the powers to enforce social distancing, therefore, any non-compliance should be reported to the police. We have provided hand sanitiser units around the park and there is clear signage in place encouraging users to abide by government guidelines. Everyone has a responsibility to look after each other and to stop the spread of the virus by wearing a mask, keeping their distance and not meeting in groups of more than six.”