THE most and least deprived areas across the region have been revealed with a study showing quality of life for many people differing by just being on opposite sides of the road.

Some areas in Evesham and Pershore were included in the list of least and most deprived areas despite being a short walk apart from each other.

Lenchwick near Evesham was seen as the most deprived area across Evesham and Pershore in the study which received the lowest scores for wages and jobs and had some of the lowest ratings for health deprivation.

The area was also rated as having some of the largest barriers to accessing housing and other services and one of the highest scores relating to the likelihood of experiencing crime.

Three of the five most deprived areas were all neighbouring neighbourhoods in Evesham with homes to the west of the town centre including Albert Road, Henry Street and Avon Street classed as the second most deprived behind Lenchwick.

Many homes near Evesham Cemetery and parts of the Fairfield estate were classed as the third most deprived with homes on either side of the River Avon between Abbey Road and Waterside and homes between Bridge Street and Coopers Lane recorded as the fourth most deprived.

But homes not that far away on the edge of Evesham - including Davies Road, Falkland Road and Hawthorn Road - were seen as some of the least deprived.

The fifth most deprived was the area north of Pershore High Street including several estates off Station Road up to and including the junction with Wyre Road but homes on the opposite side of the road including neighbourhoods around Loughmill Road and Holloway Drive were classed as the second least deprived in the study.

The least deprived area according to the study was Inkberrow alongside Badsey and Offenham.

The government’s ‘indices of deprivation’ study combined almost 40 statistics in every area of Wychavon looking at wages and employment, skills and qualification, physical and mental health, risk of premature death, crime, access to housing and other services as well as air quality and living environment.

In the study, each area of Wychavon was given a score - with the most-deprived area in Lenchwick scoring 36 – where the higher the score, the more deprived the area is deemed to be – with Inkberrow, seen as the least-deprived, scoring just four.

Lenchwick was given the lowest scores for employment and the most deprived areas in Evesham were also amongst the highest scores for crime and lowest scores for attainment in education.