DRIVERS have been using a section of the newly constructed dualled A4440 Southern Link Road for the first time.

Worcestershire County Council Highways tweeted on Sunday that, over the weekend, traffic on A4440 Temeside Way approaching Powick Roundabout was moved westbound onto the newly constructed section of the road.

This is the first time traffic has used the newly built road.

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Jon Fraiser, head of highways at Worcestershire County Council, explained this was done to allow safe working on the 'old' section of the road and footway/cycleway.

Mr Fraiser added: "As you approach the roundabout the traffic is now running on the new bit we have constructed.

"The reason is we can start to do some work on the old bit of road, and also on the footway, cycleway.

"It is the first time motorists have been on the new section, it is for a short time.

"It is good news, the project is moving on."