AN alleged Worcester drug dealer and a man accused of an assault at a city nightclub are two of the cases due to be heard today at crown court.

Meanwhile, the trial of a father and son accused of attempted murder trial in Bromsgrove is entering its final stages with closing speeches due to take place today.

The case of alleged Worcester drug dealer O'neil Pendley will also be discussed today to learn the progress on the forthcoming trial.

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The 27-year-old denies possession of heroin and crack cocaine with intent to supply following his arrest in Fort Royal Park in Worcester.

Evesham Journal:

Fort Royal Park where the dealing is said to have taken place

His co-defendant, Rielle Forbes-Brown, has already admitted the same two counts and is awaiting the outcome of Pendley's trial to be sentenced.

Jake Toriyen had pleaded not guilty to the alleged attack at Alexander's bar in New Street, Worcester.

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The 20-year-old of Henwick Road, Worcester, has indicated he will say he was acting in self-defence during the incident at the bar on March 17 last year when the complainant was knocked unconscious with a punch.

Ian Richards is also listed for sentence

Connor Kendall, 22, and his dad Mark Kendall, 37, deny the attempted murder of Dayle Warman following a stabbing in Bromsgrove.