THE trial of a convicted sex offender accused of abusing three boys in Worcester, one when he was still in nappies, continues today at the city's crown court.

Simon Clancy, 45, formerly of Teme Road, Worcester denies 10 sexual offences against children dating back to 1992.

Read the most recent report from the trial here.

Meanwhile magistrates court have a very busy list to get through. Cases include death by careless driving, theft, drink and drug driving and drunk and disorderly offences, including the case of a man said to have been drunk at Worcestershire Royal Hospital in Worcester.

Rapist gets longer in jail on appeal

Jordan Holmes, 24, of Court Road, Malvern is accused of causing death by careless/inconsiderate driving following the death of William Coleman on December 11 last year.

Naomi Judge, 21, of Winchester Avenue, Worcester is charged with theft of flowers and careless driving, both offences alleged to have taken place on September 17 this year.

John Maloney, 32, of no fixed abode is charged with being drunk and disorderly at the Elgar Suite of Worcestershire Royal Hospital.

Liam Pickering, 40, of Knights Hill, Severn Stoke is in court for an alleged fraud while chairman of Malvern Sea Cadets. The sum involved is alleged to be over £4,700.