THE revived national clap for heroes of the pandemic received in a mixed response from county residents, and the wider country.

The event on Thursday night was noticeably quieter, with many opting out after NHS workers said they weren't supporting it, instead calling for NHS staff to get a pay rise and people to follow lockdown rules.

On social media, many readers agreed it had been muted.

Catherine Stanley said: "No the NHS workers want us to stay in," while Richard Wilkinson said: "Stoney silence on our road. Why not just pay our heroes a proper wage instead, show them we actually do care, not just with empty platitudes."

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Luke Shaw said: "We should not be clapping for the NHS, we should be following the rules to end this virus."

But Lynette Walker said: "Yes (we were clapping) on our doorstep whilst snowing with saucepans and spoons" and Ri Baker added: "A handful of us were out clapping."