A WOMAN has been honoured for the work she done throughout her life in and around Evesham.

82-year-old Mary Dore has won the Tony Jerram award, which is given annually by The Badsey Society to someone who has contributed greatly to the community of Badsey or Aldington.

Mary, who was nominated by several society members, was chosen as this year’s worthy recipient for her lifetime achievement in raising money for many organisations in the village.

Mary said: "I was completely shocked because I never thought I'd get an award for the things I'd done in the village.

"I love my village and I was always willing to go and give a helping hand with raising funds for causes in the village."

Mary was handed the award by her son Martin on Saturday, February 6.

Tony Jerram, who died in 2008, was the first Chairman of The Badsey Society. The award is normally presented at the society’s AGM by Tony’s widow, Mrs Barbara Jerram, but, with Covid-19 restrictions in place, this was not possible.

These are some of the things that Mary has done. In May 1982, an appeal committee was set up in order to raise funds for major work on the church. As a result the building was completely re-roofed in 1984 followed by extensive repairs to the tower which were completed in 1988. Mary was closely involved with the fund raising and during the latter part of this period she served as Chairman of the committee.

For many years till 2005 she ran charity bingos in the Village Hall and more recently she ran the over 60s’ Friendship Club, continuing until stopped by the current restrictions.

As well as helping out with older people and entertaining the cricket club in years gone by, Mary has arranged carnivals, bonfire nights, Jubilee 1977 and more In the words of one person who nominated her: “Mary has a great personality and a big heart, she is a true village character. Her laughter is infectious and, as her husband, Gus, always said, Mary is like a helicopter you'll hear her before you see her. The kindness and help she has shown to friends, neighbours and many in the village is heartwarming. She well deserves to have the award after many years of service to the village.”