A YOUNG woman has slammed her landlord for failing to sort out what she says is a 'constant fire hazard.'

Robyn Webber, 30, says the shared laundry facilities at her Broad Street flat are putting her and other tenants at risk.

She said: "The tumble dryer overheats, the only way to prevent it from overheating is to manually switch it off.

"They cause the smoke alarm to go off at night, and again, the only way to switch it off is to go and manually sort it out. I have been forced to leave my apartment at 1am to go and sort out the fire alarm and make sure the machines are turned off.

"The only way to access the room is to go down into the city centre street and around the building, which as a young woman, I don't feel comfortable doing.

"We are at our wits end, we have tried everything, it has been flagged numerous times with the landlord, which is Livity. I have been forced to deal with it myself, and even put up signs pleading with tenants not to use the facilities at night. I moved in to the new studio flats when they were built in December of last year. This issue has been ongoing since January.

"I have had no support from the landlord, who I am forced to communicate with via Platinum Property. They have acknowledged the problem and have even said it is not safe for me to be going down to the laundry room at night. But, still nothing has been done.

"I genuinely believe lives are at risk here. The building could go up in flames."

A spokesman for Platinum Property said: "Platinum as the managing agent take the care of our tenants very seriously, particularly when the issue relates to a Fire Alarm. The development was completed just before Christmas and with any new building there are going to be snagging issues.

"I have dealt with calls directly with the tenant, and attended personally on Christmas Eve to assist, and ensure the safety of all the residents.

"We are working with the landlord of the property to prevent one of the heat sensors from being triggered by a tumble dryer however we also need to ensure that it doesn’t compromise the safety of the alarm system. The landlord has provided instructions on their website to be followed in the event of a false alarm. Clearly, we are disappointed that our tenants have been inconvenienced, however please also be assured that Platinum are on hand to attend to any reported problems that arise."