A CHURCH leader has set up a tree memorial outside of her house for residents to pay tribute to a woman whose body was found in the river in Worcester.

Members of the Tolladine community have been paying tribute to Christina Rowe, whose body was found in the River Severn in Worcester last Thursday, February 11.

A man has been charged with her murder.

Miss Rowe, who was 28, lived at Cheviot Close in Tolladine, and residents have left flowers, candles and messages at a tree outside of mission house in Tolladine Road.

Sue Martyr, who lives at the house, is employed part-time by the Tolladine Mission, which aims to work with the local community and is funded by the diocese of Worcester.

Sue came up with idea for the memorial after residents expressed their desire to pay tribute to Miss Rowe in the community.

Sue said: “Everybody in the community was really shocked after the news last week. You carry on with your normal lives and then something like this happens.

“I think people are really shocked and it’s had quite a big impact on the community.

“I did a post on the Tea At Tolly Facebook page with the idea as the tree is outside my house, and it’s visible from the main road.

“People were really keen on the idea and have contributed as it’s gone on.

“People have mentioned and talked about it as they go past and have said it’s a nice way to contribute.”

One tribute on a basket of flowers left at the tree, says: “So sorry this happened, RIP now princess.”

Flowers have also been left outside Miss Rowe’s house in Cheviot Close.

The body of Miss Rowe was pulled from the river following an overnight search by police, firefighters and specialist divers last Thursday.

The discovery came after police cordoned off three locations in the city - Cheviot Close, a home in Waterworks Road, and Diglis footbridge, on Wednesday, February 10.

Charles Byrne, aged 24, of Waterworks Road, Worcester has been charged with the murder of Miss Rowe and the attempted murder of a second person.

The case was heard at Worcester Crown Court on Tuesday although Byrne was not present for the hearing.

He did not enter a plea and was remanded in custody before the next scheduled appearance at Worcester Crown Court in April.

Speaking to the Worcester News yesterday, a neighbour who lives in Cheviot Close, said: “I think she moved here last year and because I work every day, although I didn’t know her very well, I would say ‘hello’ to her and she seemed really nice. It’s very sad.

“Everybody was in shock, it’s hard to believe that something like this can happen around you when we were that close. I’ve been here nearly five years and it’s always been a quiet and nice place.

“I did not notice anything in the evening, I had seen the boy before coming and going from time to time on other occasions.

“Police asked if we heard or saw anything but we didn’t – the police left on February 16 after being here for six days.”