A NEW investigation into Amazon and its recruitment has found worrying results.

The investigation, carried out by The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, looked into agency workers being used by Amazon, with some claiming zero-hours contracts and being left unpaid.

According to the Bureau, Amazon took on more than 20,000 seasonal workers in the UK last year, recruiting nearly half that amount in the three months leading up to Christmas.

The Bureau recorded the details of nearly 9,000 ads posted for Amazon jobs on Reed.co.uk during that period.

Every single ad was posted by two agencies hired by Amazon – Adecco and PMP Recruitment.

The Bureau heard from 16 agency workers and analysed the online reviews and comments of nearly 200 others.

Workers said that they received fewer shifts than indicated and were left with too few hours to make the job viable. One described trying to get the wages she was owed as “a nightmare”.

Amazon told the Bureau that “our agency terms are explicit that Amazon does not engage individuals on zero hour contracts.”

Despite this, the Bureau heard that these contracts left many workers unsure of how long their employment would last.

One man employed by Adecco claimed he simply stopped receiving texts offering him shifts.

Other workers said they have been summoned by text and fired or have turned up to work only to find out they no longer have a job.

Adecco told the Bureau: “We are in regular communication with all our associates to ensure they have a clear understanding of their work assignments.”

PMP told the Bureau: “We recognise the importance of ensuring our workers are paid correctly first time, every time, and work tirelessly in achieving this goal – we have robust procedures in place to ensure that if pay queries do occur they are resolved swiftly.”

Amazon was refused permission by Worcestershire County Council to open a huge new distribution site.

This, according to Cllr Ken Pollock, was because they did not apply correctly for planning permission.

Are you an Amazon worker based in Worcestershire? What have your experiences been?