A MOTHER says her family were left without hot water and heating for 10 days earlier this month after their boiler broke.

Rosie Porter said her family, including her two young children, were left without hot water for more than a week and even had to pay £70 to check into a hotel for a day to use the shower.

Their ordeal started on Sunday, January, 31, when the family’s carbon dioxide alarms started to go off in the middle of the night and every time the boiler kicked in the alarm would go off again.

Ms Porter, who lives in Bretforton with her two children, William 6, Ebony, 9 and partner Nigel, said: “I called Rooftop Housing Association who sent out their contractors Platform Property Care, who looked and said the boiler was leaking carbon dioxide, so they switched the boiler off straight away.”

Ms Porter said the family were consequently without hot water and heating, and as well as checking into a hotel for a day, also had to boil water to wash.

She said it took her three days to get through to Platform Property Care again.

“When I finally got through on Thursday, February 4, they phoned through to their suppliers and then told me they had the right parts in and would come to the house tomorrow, which was Friday, February 5 between 12pm-4.30pm."

Ms Porter, a key worker who works as a home carer, said she missed out on a day's pay as she had a day off on the Friday to be at home for the repair, but claimed the suppliers didn't turn up.

She said: "4pm came and no one had been so I phoned back and asked why no one had been.

"I had to call again and it took me half an hour to get through again. The person I spoke to said 'we haven't got the parts, and the repair is not booked in until Wednesday' (February 10).

"I hadn't been able to shower or bath my children since Sunday, January 31. All Property Care said is they couldn't do anything about it - surely they could have put us up in a hotel."

Ms Porter said the boiler was repaired on Wednesday, February 10.

Marc Mayall, director of operations at Platform Property Care, said: "The boiler repair at Rosie Porter's home has now been completed; unfortunately the customer was unavailable for an earlier appointment."