Noon Update

Many eagle eyed readers will have spotted the date, and worked out the rat run bridge was in fact an April Fool's from the Worcester News. 

Lila Froop is of course an anagram of April Fool, and many would have been suspicious of 'Poppy Cox' too.

Thanks to all who played along.

WORCESTER could be getting a new bridge across the River Severn in the heart of the city - but this one would be especially just for our furry friends.

Boffins say a rising rodent problem in near Hylton Road could be solved with a simple bridge, between Sabrina Bridge and Worcester Bridge, ensuring the city’s rats can move freely around the Faithful City.

But some have already questioned the need for the new bridge, which has already gained the nickname ‘rat run’, saying we should be looking after the people in the city first.

Lila Froop, from Rat in Mi Kitchen Associates, which is behind the proposal, said: “They famously say you are never more than 6ft away from a rat. It’s an old adage, never proved to be true, but we say, 'why not be sure'?

“Building this bridge will solve the issue -by encouraging the rodents to travel around. It's the humane option of pest control. Rats have been hard done by enough with the name becoming synonymous with scoundrels and rogues - it is about time we give them something back, make their lives easier.

"We've recently invested in a new fish pass to help our sole mates in Diglis, how is this bridge any different?”

The plan is to now to find £2 million funding for the project, so that the scheme can go before Worcester planners by the end of the year.

However reader, Poppy Cox, from Worcester - who spotted the plan on social media - says it's the worst idea she has ever heard. “Rats are vermin, simple. It would make much more sense to build it for mice.”