A FATHER from Evesham has said he is concerned about children’s safety due to a building project close to a playing field.

The construction of 21 housing units is currently take place at Manor Road in Middle Littleton, Evesham, close to a nearby playing field.

Alex Wheeler, who lives on Manor Road, claimed Rooftop Housing said they wouldn’t hire a banksman to monitor the lorries while the project takes place.

However, the company’s contractors will look at more traffic management measures.

Mr Wheeler said: “The problem I have is as you come down School Lane and turn right into Manor Lane, there’s a massive football pitch for all our children to use.

“The lorries going to and from the site drive at speed, sometimes having to queue on the road side next to the green. My biggest problem is the biggest lorries have to reverse down the road, from the bend down into the building site unaided.

“Residents have had to move their vehicles from parking at the side of road due to damage being caused by lorries. My own vehicle had a broken wing mirror due to a lorry scraping past,which was reported to the site agent and it was dealt with.

I’ve asked Rooftop to supply a banksman here for health and safety so when our children are playing on the green the lorries are coming in and taking the left hand turn and going down to the site which is too close to the field.

“I said to them could you put a banksman there for the Easter holidays and six week summer holiday because all the children play on the green.

“These kids have had a year of lockdown, and now it’s now important they’re able to have fresh air and play on the field.

“But the woman at Rooftop said ‘I’m terribly sorry but you should control your children’.

A spokesman for Rooftop Housing, said: “Rooftop’s contractors have been working on the site for 29 weeks.

“We ensure that all our contractors have the legally required and most appropriate risk assessments in place for all the work that happens during a building project.

“Those risk assessments always include traffic flow, deliveries, and our contractors always have a traffic management plan.

“ Rooftop, and our contractors, are hugely experienced in developing sites like this and have taken all safety concerns into account.

The risk assessments are constantly reviewed as the nature of a building project changes.

“We are in discussion with the local community and our contractor about how we move this forward together.

“This will include our contractors putting into place increased traffic management measures.”