A SECOND leaked NHS slide to this newspaper suggests a drop off in the number of first doses in the Midlands given out in the coming weeks, due to a fall in the vaccine supply.

The slide, provided to us by a source, suggests a drop off in the supply of the Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Moderna vaccines, with a projection this will lead to a fall in first doses being given out.

The slide also appears to show Moderna and Psifer levels not picking up again until the week of May 17, and the Oxford AstraZenaca first jabs not resuming in the region until the week of June 14.

The NHS Worcestershire Clinical Commissioning Group, which oversees the roll out of the vaccine in the county, was approached for a comment but no one was available.

Robin Walker MP said he could not comment on a leak, but said: “What I would say is that in Worcestershire we are well ahead of the national curve when it comes to the roll out of the vaccine and the number of people in their 40s, who have had the vaccines.

"I think that will continue to be the case, and we are in a relatively good place.”

Meanwhile this paper has been contacted by readers who said St John’s House Medical Centre had advised them in recent days that they would now be receiving their second dose of the Pfizer vaccine outside of the government’s target of within 12 weeks.

One reader said staff from the Bromyard Road practice were telling patients this was because they had “run out of vaccine and don’t know when they will get anymore”.

The reader added no vaccine appointments were currently bookable.

A reporter asked St John’s Medical Centre for comment, but was told no one would be available to speak on the matter.