AN EVESHAM woman is calling for disgruntled residents to form an alliance to push for action over the controversial blockage of public paths near Hampton Mill.

Donna Adkins is seeking to compile complaints over accesses to public paths being shut off amid claims the matter is being “brushed under the carpet” by Worcestershire County Council, the body responsible for the paths.

Landowner Frances Payne, who lives in Hampton Mill, acknowledges padlocking a gate and putting up barbed wire, fencing and notices to keep out.

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Mrs Payne cites “constant” problems such as people taking illegal substances, assault, theft and vandalism, issues she says have been fuelled by “pure incitement” via social media.

The Evesham Journal has received counter allegations, which are refuted by Mrs Payne, and Mrs Adkins is offering to act as the conduit to get the matter resolved.

She says she has already received more than 30 complaints as part of an “incredible” response with more expected following a Zoom call planned for Monday (May 3).

“I have had numerous messages to say people have approached Evesham Town Council and Worcestershire County Council and they are being told it is being dealt with,” said Mrs Adkins.

“Everyone that has called or emailed feels like they are getting brushed under the carpet, that no one is listening to them.

“If we are not getting anywhere individually it makes more sense to compile everything we have and present it to Worcestershire County Council as one piece of evidence, then they have to look at and act on it.

"People feel genuinely let down all the way through but it has to be done in a correct manner. Turning into vigilantes is not going to get anyone anywhere, let’s get everything together and approach the county council as one.”

Asked whether she would be happy to liaise with Mrs Payne, Mrs Adkins replied: “I am more than happy to have a coffee with the lady and explain how everyone is feeling.

“She has feelings as well, if she’s had abuse then I am genuinely sorry for her because no one should have to go through that but this is not getting her anywhere.

“I would be more than happy to try to come to some sort of agreement to bring this to an end. I don’t know what the answer is but this is affecting so many people’s lives and their mental health.”

In response to criticism of her handling of the situation, Mrs Payne said: “Don’t trespass (on areas outside paths), it is that simple.

“I have never shouted at anybody who has not trespassed or caused problems. Even when they do trespass I ask them nicely, I am firm if they won’t move and give me grief.

“Most people move if they are told they trespassing."

Mrs Payne added: “Do not hit people and do not take part in a mob culture.”

A county council statement read: “Worcestershire County Council is aware of the issues surrounding this public right of way at Hampton Mill and is continuing to address the situation towards a satisfactory resolution for all parties.”

Residents wishing to join the mass complaint can contact Mrs Adkins via email: