A PRIMARY school in Evesham has called for clearer road markings and signs to be introduced after a pupil was almost hit by a car on a pedestrian crossing.

St Richard's First School says a pupil from The De Montfort School, which is close to St Richard's, was almost struck by a car on the pedestrian crossing outside of St Richard's and the Vale of Evesham School last Wednesday afternoon, May 5.

The Vale of Evesham School, Evesham Nursery School and St Richard's are all located next to eachother in Four Pools Lane, with The De Montfort School located opposite in Four Pools Road.

A spokesman for St Richard's said:"There was a very near miss accident on the pedestrian crossing outside of St Richard's and the Vale of Evesham School on Wednesday afternoon.

"A child from The De Montfort School was using the crossing and then tripped and fell.

"As she was on the ground a car was attempting to come along Four Pools Lane where cars were double parked and parked very close to the crossing making visibility very poor.

"Luckily the parent stopped before hitting the child but it was very close.

"The parent and the child were very shaken and shocked - the fact that the parent was driving cautiously and carefully helped the situation."

The school would like to make clear that this incident wasn't due to dangerous driving at all.

"St Richard's has been policing the area at the start and end of the day since the incident to ensure parents are not parking on the double red lines, but we have also noticed that vehicles are not stopping at the pedestrian crossing along Four Pools Lane, we believe the reasons for this are because the road markings are faded and need to be repainted, and there is no signage notifying drivers that there is a pedestrian crossing or lights signalling that there is a pedestrian crossing.

"We want to raise awareness to the local authorities that signage is lacking from Four Pools Lane."

A spokeswoman for Worcestershire County Council, said: “Improving safety on the county’s roads continues to be one of the top priorities for Worcestershire County Council.

"The road where the incident occurred is a private road and therefore outside of our jurisdiction, however, we will be looking into the matter.”

The headteachers of all four schools are due to hold a meeting tomorrow to discuss the matter further.